Installation and dismantling of concrete equipment

Installation and dismantling of concrete equipment

Installation of concrete equipment

The company "DELEBALT" provides a full range of installation services, which includes the full development of the work execution plan, due to which the works are executed safely, efficiently and in the shortest possible time.
If the customer needs it, we can also dismantle and transport the equipment.


Dismantling of concrete equipment

Dismantling of the equipment immediately implies the complete safety of the dismantled machines and units. It means that after dismantling and moving these machines and units can be installed in a new location and their operation may be continued.
The task of our company is not simply to remove the equipment, but to ensure its full safety during lifting, loading and transportation to a new location.
All works are carried out in accordance with the safety requirements and rules provided by the current standards. Our employees closely follow the implementation of the safety rules during the dismantling and other works. Dismantling of various metal structures requires the correct and accurate planning. The structure will be dismantled correctly and will not destroy the nearby objects.

The specialists working at "DELEBALT" have an extensive experience in this field and can dismantle metal structures of any complexity and size.